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SenpaiWhy Do I Need IT?

Technology forms the backbone of all modern successful businesses. Without a modern, useful website, you're invisible to millions of potential customers. If your supply chain and operations do not take advantage of technology, they're probably costing you too much time and money – and you may not even know it. If you have to look through a filing cabinet to check on the last time you followed up on a preferred customer, you're losing business.

On the other hand, it's easy for smaller businesses to spend far too much on expensive software and IT infrastructure that takes years to grow into – because major software vendors don't build tailor-made solutions that suit your unique business.

IT DevelopmentWe Provide the Right Solutions

Sometimes a big, expensive network is not what you need. Sometimes you may not know what your needs are, but you do know you could be more efficient. You know you need a website, and you need access to information about your customers, accounts, and staff. We provide complete IT solutions, from websites and ERP systems to dedicated hosting.

When we build a website for you, you get much more than just an internet presence. You get a centralized database of your stock, customers, sales and costs, eliminating the need for paper record keeping and cumbersome manual processes, which is also helpful to the environment. Dozens of business activities like monitoring stock and following up on customer requests happen automatically, leaving you more time to focus on running your company.

BusinessHow Much Does a Website Cost?

Everybody's needs are different, which is why we say a website usually costs upwards of €1,000, depending on the complexity of your requirements. It all depends on the size of your company, what you do, and functionality required of the website.

CostWhat Do I Get For My Money?

You'll often see advertisements for template-based websites that are available for only a few hundred Euros. You get a decent-looking site with basic functionality, it doesn't cost much and it's ready quickly. However, template websites are easily recognized for what they are, especially by customers.

Some of the problems you'll face are:

  1. Low level of "impressiveness" – template-based websites typically leave little impression on a visitor, thereby reflecting on your business. A purpose-built and well-designed website will always look and feel far superior to your clients.
  2. Low security – anyone who wishes to attack your site can simply search Google for vulnerabilities in that template.
  3. Limited functionality – while template-based websites are fine for personal usage, history shows us the template style lacks functionality required by any serious business.
Which is why we offer to build you a website from scratch. It will look exactly how you need it to look and do everything you need it to do, thus ensuring your business growth.

OutsourcingMore Than a Website – ERP Systems for Smart Businesses

The essential characteristic that differentiates a modern business, with the ability to thrive in the 21st century, from large companies 20 years ago, is self-knowledge. It's being able to see and analyze customer satisfaction levels, re-order rates, staff absence trends, and performance against benchmarks and scorecards at a glance.

This kind of knowledge is only available with the right kind of technology to organize and supply it, like one of our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

When we build you an ERP system, you get:

  1. Easy, visual access, securely, and from anywhere in the world, to the same database of stock, customer and financial information that your website uses – so everything is coherent and transparent.
  2. Department-specific access to information, giving your sales, finance, transport, purchasing, and any other department the tools they need to do their jobs independently.
  3. Executive-level reports of how your business is doing, across all aspects, whenever you need them.
For example, let's say you run a business supplying seafood to restaurants. Your ERP system could keep detailed records of all of your customers, their delivery schedules, and regular orders. It could even notify you when someone hasn't ordered their usual delivery in a while, or let you know by SMS when stock of a certain item is low. It would let you easily compare this month's sales to last month's, and see at a glance which products have the best margins.

If these processes were handled manually, they could take weeks to provide the information you need, if they ever did at all.

BusinessSounds Good, How Much?

Depending on your needs, a comprehensive ERP system will usually cost between €3,000 and €25,000. Our experience has shown that most ERP systems pay for themselves, in a quantifiable way, usually within six months.

When it takes a week instead of six months to see where your biggest costs and profits are, it's a lot easier to proactively manage costs and improve margins.

BusinessA Server to Call Your Own

Every website and business information system needs reliable hosting. Having your own server in-house is worthwhile for large companies with big IT budgets and a team of server administrators, but for smaller businesses it is an unnecessary expense.

We started offering dedicated hosting to our website and ERP customers, and the service was so popular we decided to turn it into a standalone product. Now you can host your existing website or business IT system with us, and we'll keep the gears turning so you don't have to.

We offer a comprehensive range of dedicated Intel Quad-core based servers, as well as a highly affordable selection of virtual dedicated server solutions.

Dedicated Servers
€69: Quadcore, 8GB RAM, 1500GB
€99: Quadcore, 16GB RAM, 6000GB
€109: Quadcore, 24GB RAM, 1500GB
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